What is HiveKeepers?

At HiveKeepers we are dedicated beekeepers with the motivation to share and excite others about our passion.  We want to educate and inform and bring about an increased awareness of what makes bees great!

Our aim is to provide people from all around the world with a way to connect with bees and the beekeepers that dedicate their time to look after them.

Simon Mildren is the founder and Director of HiveKeepers. He has a hobby farm in the spectacular Yarra Valley in south east Australia. Simon has been keeping bees since 2011 and hosts anywhere between 3-8 hives. His passion and interest is catchy and he has started off many people with this hobby.

HiveKeepers is more than just an app…

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Stay connected with issues that affect bees and beekeepers all around the world. -Learn from the latest research and scientific evidence. Find out about the bizarre and curious life of bees and their relatives.

Follow the development and challenges of a small apiary in Australia. Give us your feedback as the season progresses to help us keep our hives as healthy as possible.

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App Development enquiries

The developer of the app is IdeaBox from Melbourne, Australia. They have an excellent history of software development and have exceeded our expectations.  If you have a software project that requires an intelligent and effective team you can contact IdeaBox by visiting www.ideabox.com.au.

If you require support for the app please visit our support page.