Beekeeping tips I learnt about the hard way

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I asked an experienced beekeeping friend of mine to offer up a few tips that could help new beekeepers avoid costly mistakes.  He went on saying that ‘Mistakes are proof you’re trying’.  What a noble man!

Here are a few of Trev’s wise words:

  1. Put your honey in jars or containers as soon as possible after extracting.

Trying to get crystallised honey out of a 20 litre pail is hard work and time consuming.  Get it bottled while it flows nicely and you won’t have this issue.  Unless of course you have an easy way to gently warm the honey.

  1. Rewiring your honey frames each year.

For a long time I wouldn’t do this and I wondered why I had so much trouble with honeycomb tearing apart when I extracted.  You never recover well from this.

Some people use elastic bands to help hold the comb together. Might be worth a go.

  1. Clothing selection under your bee suit

Hot Australian sun = don’t wear much under your bee suit or you’ll boil.  Wearing only a singlet when working cranky bees = lots of bee-stings of your armpits and shoulders.  (I’ve written about this issue before!)

  1. Get a mate to help you!

If you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll end up upsetting your bees.  Don’t be so proud that you can’t ask for help every now and then.  Beekeeping is tough.  No one knows everything.

  1. Stop using chemicals

Herbicides and pesticides need to be minimised.  Tell everyone you know.  (Good advice Trev)

There are many more tips from Trev, I’ll post another blog with more of them sometime soon.

Let us know what you think of Trevor’s tips by commenting below.

Thanks as always Trevor for your great words of wisdom.

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