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A bit about us...

HiveKeepers is on a mission to help beekeepers be more proactive rather than reactive when looking after their bees. We're doing this as if our survival depends on it....well the truth is it actually does. Without looking after our wonderful pollinators we will be in a serious situation with our global food security. As if there isn't already enough at stake these days!

If you have a desire to lean in towards huge challenges, run at the fire rather than run away then you are in good company at HiveKeepers. We have a team of extremely committed and excited people working to solve some truly important problems. We put culture and team first because that's what matters most to us. Oh, you should know that to be part of HiveKeepers you'll need to get familiar with bees...yep everyone in the company get's hands on from time to time.

Occasionally we put jobs up here but generally we have been wowed by you before the vacancy even exists. Do your research, learn who we are and maybe our paths will cross with HiveKeepers.

No jobs listed right now
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