So you want to be a beta tester?

Hi There!


Simon Mildren the CEO of HiveKeepers here. That's me in the photo.

I am extremely excited about our upcoming beta release for the next generation of the HiveKeepers service. We have taken the last few years of working with beekeepers to refine and improve what we offer.

When we started four years ago we had a simple plan, to become the most useful record keeping service for beekeepers. As the journey has continued we understand more about what is helpful and can also see what future opportunities might exist if we harness the good in technology. Simply put, we want to become so much more than just a record keeping solution.

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So What?

It won't be long now and we will need a select number of beekeepers (or wanna bee beekeepers) to test out our next generation service. Whilst record keeping is at the core of what we still offer, it is also a new platform that gives us scope to move forward in the many directions that can enable beekeepers to look after their bees more successfully.

It needs the basics of a record managements system but really, it needs to do a whole lot more than that to be truly worthwhile.

A word of warning - this request is for beta testers. It won't be perfect and not everything is enabled as yet. Whilst this is a free opportunity there will come a time when it is necessary to pay for the service. I realise this does not suit everyone but we have been in the software space for long enough to know that if you want something for free you are selling yourself in some other way. We want to keep your information safe and secure and completely private without the addition of advertisements from companies you don't care about. Therefore there is always a necessary cost with something like this.

On a side note - we have seen many beekeeping software companies come and go over the last few years and most of them didn't have the success they were hoping for. I mention this to highlight the fact that it's hard to do software well, it is our careful interpretation of years of connections and experiences with beekeepers globally that allow us to bring this next version to you really soon.

The future

Lastly, we are at an intersect where technology finally has the capacity to solve many issues that we face in the beekeeping world. For many people this will feel unnatural and perhaps unnecessary but what we see is the opportunity to give bees a huge upper hand against all the threats and issues that face this industry and the bees themselves. You may start to see some evidence of the work we have been undertaking that brings technology into beehives. Keep an eye out as this sort of initiative really has the chance to bring a brighter future for bees and their keepers.


I'd like to say much more about the urgency to act for a sustainable future but I believe that I am talking to the sort of person who already knows the importance of this as an issue. I briefly mention it as it is core to the HiveKeepers team that we have a bigger and bolder plan which sits firmly in our mission:

Creating Smarter Beekeepers and Healthier Hives for a Sustainable Future

Now this message has been deliberately wordy, it will weed out anyone who doesn't have the enthusiasm to go on an adventure and those that are looking for something for free. If you feel slightly inspired and can see a way forward then follow the link below. It will take you to an online form that helps us with the selection process of who will be a beta tester. After this we will get in touch during April 2021 to discuss further...

Thanks again for your time.

All the best

Simon Mildren

CEO and Founder