Moving my bees across my yard

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Have you ever been told you can’t move your bees a short distance across your backyard? Have you been told that you have to move them a foot a day or move them miles away for 6 weeks before bringing them back to their new site? While this definitely works, what if you don’t want the hassle of the methods mentioned above.

Well you need to check out these videos to show you how it’s done.

Video 1 shows you the setup of how I moved my hives approximately 20 metres in one go. It is a straightforward method but requires some careful planning to make sure you don’t harm your bees.

Video 2 is an update after the hives were opened after being confined for several days.

Tips for relocating bees a short distance:

  1. Allow adequate airflow and ventilation to avoid overheating
  2. Ensure sufficient honey stores are present in your hives
  3. Delay if the weather is too hot as this will stress the bees
  4. Restrict their access out of the hive for at least 1 day (preferably three)
  5. If lots of your bees head back to the old location then put the hive back or you will lose your bees!

Tell us how you’ve found this method and what else you have done to make this more successful.

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