Partnership Program

What is the HiveKeepers Partnership Program?

The HiveKeepers Partnership Program is designed to reward you by providing a commission for each paid subscription which uses your referral code.

We love working with bee clubs, equipment suppliers and beekeeping education providers to provide better value to beekeepers. We provide you with a unique coupon code to provide to your audience of avid beekeepers who are then able to use that code when subscribing to HiveKeepers for the first time. It provides a kick back to you (or the beekeeping club) and also offers a great price for the first year of any new subscription.



How do I sign up?

The HiveKeepers Partnership Program is suited to beekeeping clubs, equipment suppliers and education providers who are regularly involved with lots of beekeepers.

It can form a great source of supplementary income for your beekeeping club or business.

What's in it for me?

You get $15 USD per referral. Yes you read that right. We pay you $15 USD per successful subscription. We also offer your customers a 25% discount voucher. This reduces the price to $45 USD for any subscriber you refer. We pay you via PayPal or bank transfer once your balance exceeds $30. Easy!

Do conditions apply?

Yes, you need to have an active paid subscription to be accepted and remain as a partner. Why you might ask, we need to know you are a keen advocate because you use the service yourself. Most businesses recover this back extremely quickly after they notice their audience is signing up using their coupon code. 

There is an exemption to this - If you are a bee club you are entitled to a free subscription for your club apiary. Visit this page to learn more.

Request Partnership

To apply for a partnership you need to fill out our simple application form