Smart Record Keeping

Capture all your hive records in the one place. Reduce confusion and make every hive opening productive and safe for your bees.

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Confidence in Record Keeping

Stay up to date with your hive records and never forget what you've done.

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Detailed Inspections

Four Levels of inspection - Apiary, Hive, Box and Frame

Easy to use interface

Logical layout to reflect your Apiary and Hives

Focus on frames

Take photos of frames to visually track progress over time

Mapping your Apiaries

Put yourself on the map so you can see exactly where your bees forage.


Complete with an Online Portal

The Online Portal brings the information collected from within the HiveKeepers App and neatly displays your information in a simple and easy to use format.


Simple dashboard to give you a quick overview of your apiairies and hives

Harvest Reporting

Graphical reporting so you can track your progress over time and between hives.

Simple Inferface

View your apiaries and hives in a simple interface

Detailed Inspection Reporting

All in one place inspection reporting, easy to create pdf reports

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