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Welcome to HiveKeepers

Healthier Hives for a Sustainable Future

HiveKeepers is an Australian based technology company with a focus on innovations that improve health outcomes for bees and increase productivity and value for beekeepers globally.

What Are We Working On?


Supply Chain Traceability

Bee hive to Consumer Traceability System

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Smart Hives

Hive Health Monitoring and Harvest Yield Prediction

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Theft Prevention

Hive Tracking and theft prevention Mechanisms


Scientific Innovation

Custom Solutions using our Engineers and System Architects


The HiveKeepers Approach

We know that beekeepers care deeply for their bees. At HiveKeepers we focus on positive outcomes for bees and their beekeepers by providing innovate solutions that enable beekeepers and drive confidence in the products they create. How can we help you?


Recreational Beekeepers


Commercial Beekeepers




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