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Setting Up your Apiaries and Hives

Add Apiary (within the App)
Add Apiary.JPG
Add Apiary Details (Photo and notes)
Apiary Options.JPG
Add Hive (within the App)
Add Hive.JPG
Add Hive Details (Photo and Queen Info)
Hive Options.JPG

Creating an Inspection

Inspections (within the App)
App Inspections Overview.jpg
Inspections (Online Portal)
OP Inspections Overview.jpg


Reporting (from within the App)
In App Reports.jpg
Hive Strength Reporting (Online Portal)
Hive Strength.jpg
Past Inspection Reporting (Online Portal)
OP Past Inspection Reporting.jpg
Most Neglected & Recently Inspected Reports
Most Neglected-Recently Inspected.jpg
Harvest & Feeding Reports (Online Portal)

Tutorial Videos

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Simple dashboard to give you a quick overview of your apiaries and hives

Simple interface
Simple interface

Our simple interface allows you to view all apiaries and hives quickly and effortlessly

Harvest Reporting
Harvest Reporting

Graphical reporting of your harvest over time. Track your progress year on year and between apiaries and hives.

Hive Inspection Reporting
Hive Inspection Reporting

Easily create PDF reports of every apiary, hive, box or frame inspection


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