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Thanks for visiting our support page.

If you have our old legacy software and need support please visit this page - go here. Please note that the old version will be unsupported from the 31st March 2021.


Below are the beginnings of our support info for the new software. Stay tuned, more will be made available as we continue to onboard more beekeepers. To report bugs or suggest feature improvements please use these links below...

Create an Apiary

Create an apiary so you can build a hive for your bees

Add a Queen

Give your hive a queen

Record an Inspection

Formalised process to log an inspection

Create your Inventory

Get some equipment ready so you can build your hives

Record an Action

You did something with your bees? Now record it

Build a Hive

Build a hive with our Hive Builder

Record an Observation

What did you see?

How to...

Contact Us

Sometimes you just need to get personal

If you want some one on one then send us an email at  We are happy to hear about your bees and any troubles you may be having.

Contact Us
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