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This is our new Generation 2 Hive Guardian


Tiny, light-weight and ultra-rugged battery-powered GPS beehive tracker with up to 10 years of battery life for beehive tracking and theft recovery


This is the unit price for five or less trackers. If you want more than five then see the seperate listing. Please email us at


What you need to know:

  • Twice a day heart beat when no motion is detected.
  • As soon as movement is detected, the Hive Guardian will ping every 20 minutes giving you high precision GPS location of your hives.
  • Switch to theft recovery mode to activate real-time tracking at 30 second intervals.
  • Login to the Hive Guardian platform to see the real time movements and status of all your Hive Guardian trackers.
  • Set alerts to notify you when something happens.
  • Create custom geofences and alerts if your Hive Guardian enters or leaves a specific location.
  • Comes to you ready to go, just screw it on/in your hive in a discreet location.


For the technical thinker:

  • Up to ten years of battery life (3xAAA batteries user replaceable)
  • Dimensions – L 85mm, W 63mm, H 24mm
  • Weight 101g
  • Waterproof to IP67 Rating
  • Australia’s NBIOT network
  • Military Level encryption


This is for a minimum twelve months service agreement with HiveKeepers for the each Hive Guardian you purchase. This ensures your device is connected to Australia's NBIoT network for a minimum of 12 months.


In addition to the unit price there is a requirement to purchase a service plan per device. This can be paid monthly or annually (for a lower price). You need to add the service fee in your order to ensure fulfilment of your Hive Guardian device.


Ask us about vehicle and asset tracking for your beekeeping business.

Hive Guardian (5 or less)

GST Included
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